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Through our daily work, we raise awareness of what you do, so you can make the best use of your time and talents.


The primary value we offer is our ability to create a custom strategy suited for your goals—and the insights that come with the sort of depth and breadth in which we’ve worked. For you that means we’ll assess your goals, your competitive landscape, your capacity, and the most compelling elements of your brand before laying out a recommended path forward including timeline, tone, and the deliverables we believe are most appropriate for your needs and budget.




Art Direction & Design

Wyatt Brand can take care of your graphic design needs as simple as a business card or as complex as art directing, photo directing, designing, and doing post-production of a complex publication. From inspirational materials to initial design concepts through rounds of revisions to print bidding and delivery, our team can develop logos, brochures, websites, stickers, promotional items, identity systems (cards, envelopes, letterhead), and even direct a customized photo or video shoot for your company or event.




We like to say that your entity has a brand, whether you are actively participating in it or not. That simply means that the logo(s), print collateral, website, social networks, on-site signage, email signatures, and elevator speeches amount to your demonstrated promise to the marketplace and your stakeholders. We can guide you and your organization through defining or even just refining your brand via competitive analysis, internal audit, and establishing the "brand standards" document for your staff and those you entrust with your image. And yes… we design the visual brand as well.




Public Relations

When we talk about "PR", we primarily mean raising awareness via earned editorial coverage in traditional media outlets (newspapers, TV, magazines, and radio) as well as blogs. We do this in myriad ways: calendar listings, press releases, direct pitch emails/calls, facilitating interviews/appearances—and tracking coverage and "impressions" meaning the numbers of people exposed to the coverage—a powerful resource for your grantors, sponsors, etc. We use a tool called Cision which gives us direct access to 1.5 million media contacts ranging from national to niche. It’s our job to understand what is newsworthy to whom, and what adjustments might enhance a story. In a thousand ways, we work to get you to where you need to go.


SocialMediaSocial Media

Facebook. Twitter. Instagram. LinkedIn. We create a customized, strategy and can administer appropriate platforms for your company, event, or venture. We address audience, tone, timing, measures, and tactics on how to engage your current and future stakeholders/customers. At Wyatt Brand, we believe that social media is not merely about hanging out a digital shingle or broadcasting your propaganda, it is about going to where likely participants are spending time and engaging them with content relevant to their interests. That includes connecting with digital influencers and even targeted social ads. As with each of our services, we will never shrug our shoulders and slide an invoice across the table, we will stay at it until we get it right.


AdditionalServicesAdditional Services

We can also support your needs via event production, direct print and email marketing, search engine optimization, pay per click advertising, copy writing, media planning and buying (paid advertising), and other services. We rely on a trusted network of partners to get these done for you—so you are not playing general contractor for your communications needs.