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By wyattbrand

A decade in, your passion drives our mission and inspires our new brand

On 08, Jun 2016 | In News | By wyattbrand


A message from our Co-founder and Creative Director, Rachel Wyatt (shown here with her Sensei John Roberson):
email3 Wow, 10 years! We could not be happier at what we have accomplished and what we aim to accomplish in the future. I have a lot of people ask me what it takes to succeed running a small agency and the answer is: kung fu. I know your mind jumps to ninjas and bad vocal overdubs, but what it really means is “hard work.” It takes lots of dedication, love, and perspiration–aka kung fu–to thrive and grow a creative agency. Our rebrand represents your passion, your hard work, and your trust in us to be at your side. Our discipline is to take your dreams and make them come to life through stellar branding, PR, strategy, and design.

The most powerful message we believe in at Wyatt Brand is our motto: “Do your thing! We’ll tell everyone.” Indeed this is what we do, and what inspired our new brand. We look forward to finding how to best help you “Do your thing!”



Do your thing. We’ll tell everyone.

To mark the milestone of a decade of agency work, the Wyatt Brand team embarked on one of our most intriguing projects to date — rebranding our own company. Today, we are thrilled to share with you our fresh new look! The bold, modern design elements of our new logo and website reflect the vibrant energy and vigor we feel the company embodies as we move into a new decade of serving you.

But, our rebrand is just the beginning of revelry and work. Stay tuned for more exciting news about our anniversary projects — including our upcoming “Do your thing” campaign to showcase our talented clients and staff doing their thing and an upcoming contest offering a complimentary design and PR package for eligible solo artists or cultural entrepreneurs. Details of the giveaway will be announced via social media on June 15th.

We are humbled and delighted by the work we do, and we couldn’t do it
without you. Thank you… and here’s to many more decades of doing
great work together.